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Our printed hardback apertured dissertations are a popular choice when looking for high quality dissertation printing that looks great.

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    Your dissertation will be a hard back thermal bound dissertation with an aperture on the front cover. Please select the colour of your front cover from the options below.

    To calculate the cost of your dissertation printing and binding, we need to know how many pages you have to print, and how many of them are black and white, and how many are full colour.

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    We offer a wide range of high quality dissertation printing and binding options designed to suit all needs. Simply choose your desired options below and we'll do the rest.

    Choose your binding type

    We offer a range of binding types to suit all requirements. Simply select from the following options.

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    Wire Colour
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    Aperture or Printed Cover

    You can choose to have either an aperture cut in to the cover, allowing your title to show through from the first page of your artwork, or you can have the cover printed in full colour.

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    Cover Colour

    Select the colour of the cover of your dissertation.

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2. Calculate the cost to print & bind

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Product Description

Our printed paperback dissertations are a popular choice when looking for high quality dissertation printing without spending too much.

We offer some great options for your dissertation and these help make it stand out from the crowd.

Pages & Printing

We price printing based on quantity of pages. This means you only pay for what you have, rather than paying a premium price regardless of the number of pages. We also price differently for black and white (grayscale) or full colour pages accordingly. This helps us keep our pricing competitive without compromising on the high quality of our printed dissertations.

Colour pages are printed on 100gsm paper, and black and white (grayscale) pages are printed on 90gsm paper.

Binding Options

We offer three different options for binding dissertations.

Wiro Bound with Printed Cover

Our wiro-bound dissertations give you a hard cover with a full-colour printed cover (this should be the first page of your PDF), and a choice of three different colours for the wire binding – black, white and silver.

Hardback Thermal Bound Cover

The hardback thermal bound cover is our most popular choice for it’s value for money and great look. Thermal binding offers a particularly high quality and professional look, and will give your dissertation a real ‘book-like’ feel.

You can also choose whether you would like the title printed on the cover, or behind the aperture.

Aperture Cover

An aperture on the cover is a rounded-rectangular cut-out which shows the detail of the first page of your dissertation behind it. Usually these details include the title, author and university. Please check our templates to make sure your PDF is suitable. This should be the first page of your PDF file.

Printed Cover

A printed cover on the thermal bound option gives you the choice to print in full colour directly on to the front cover of your dissertation, but this must still be within the printable area as directed on our templates. This should be the first page of your PDF file.

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is our most expensive option, and is our only soft-cover binding option. The front cover offers a printable area in full colour. This should be the first page of your PDF file, and should follow our templates.


We offer a range of extras for you to enhance the look of your dissertation. You can get a beautiful presentation box or slip case for your dissertation, which keeps it well presented and free from scratches and knocks. We also offer printed CD’s and PVC CD pockets to be put on the inside of cover of your dissertation.

You can see these after processing your dissertation order at the checkout.

Dispatch & Delivery

We offer two levels of dispatch and delivery. One is our standard service which is a five day turnaround with shipping. Our priority service means your order will be shipped on the next available working day – ideal for when you’re in a rush and need complete peace of mind.